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Radio Show

A monthly radio show on KAFM Community Affairs where local experts discuss transportation and mobility in Mesa County. View past Mobile Mesa County shows below. 

01. Winter Walking and Biking

Host Sarah Brooks is interviewed by KAFM staff about winter walking and biking including helpful tips about winter layering, local places to walk, and Winter Bike to Work Day.


02. Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

Learn about the ongoing development of the first City of Grand Junction Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan and next steps. Host Sarah Brooks is joined by City Staff: Dave Thornton, Principal Planner; Dani Acosta, Senior Planner; and Eric Mocko, City Traffic Engineer.


03. Roadway Safety

Captain Matt Ozanic from Colorado State Patrol and Rachel Peterson, Transportation Planner for the Regional Transportation Planning Office join show Host Sarah Brooks to discuss roadway safety in Mesa County. Learn more about trends with roadway crashes, an upcoming comprehensive safety action plan, and tips to be a safer driver. 


03. Zero Fair for Better Air

Grand Valley Transit is participating in a statewide initiative, Free Fare for Better Air, to reduce ground level ozone by encouraging more people to use transit. Transit agencies will be offering free service during the summer months to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads and help improve air quality throughout Colorado. Learn more from Ann Rajewski of Colorado Association of Transit Agencies as she joins show host, Sarah Brooks. 


08. Grand Valley Transit Survey Results

Learn about the data collected during 2023 Grand Valley Transit Onboard Rider Survey and Community Survey. Host Sarah Brooks is joined by Transit Planner, Andrew Gingerich.

01. Biking and Fitness Tips

Host Sarah Brooks and Shannon Casson from Desert Dose discuss fitness and training tips, especially during winter months. 


02. Safe Routes

Host Sarah Brooks is interviewed by KAFM staff about the Safe Routes to School project.


03. Community Connectivity Clifton

Sarah Johnson from Mesa County Public Health and David Combs from Clifton Community Outreach join show host Sarah Brooks to talk about connectivity, neighborhood priorities, and building community in Clifton. 


06. Annual Bike and Pedestrian Count

Eric Mocko, Transportation Engineer from the City of Grand Junction and show host Sarah Brooks cover the background and importance of the Annual Bike and Pedestrian Count.


07. Multimodal Projects

Trent Prall, Public Works Director from the City of Grand Junction and host Sarah Brooks talk about upcoming multimodal projects after the City was awarded several grant opportunities.


08. Mesa County Safe Routes to School Mobile App

Mesa County Safe Routes to School mobile app developers, Will Jessop and Allen Harper, join host Sarah Brooks to discuss the app and what it was like to work on the project.


09. GJ Bike Night

Show host Sarah Brooks and Ian Thomas, founder of GJ Bike Night, share information about the fastest growing group of cyclists in the Grand Valley.


10. Pedestrian Safety

October is National Pedestrian Safety Month; Host Sarah Brooks invites Patrick Picard from Fehr and Peers to talk about the City of Grand Junction Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan as well as the North Avenue Enhanced Transit Corridor Project.


11. PACE Program

Host Sarah Brooks invites Mandy DeCino and Rob Cook from HopeWest cover information about the PACE program and transportation solutions for older adults.

01. Transportation History: Little Bookcliff Railroad

Ike Rakiecki with Mesa County Public Libraries joins host Sarah Brooks to discuss the history of the Little Bookcliff Railroad.


03. Fruita Roundabout

Show host Sarah Brooks is joined by Sam Atkins, City Engineer with the City of Fruita, and Nancy Patterson from the Fruita Arts and Culture Board to discuss placemaking and the roundabouts on Highway 340 and I-70.  


04. Bike Economics 

Biking has helped the Mesa County economy. Show host Sarah Brooks invites Steve Jozefczyk, Deputy Director of the Grand Junction Economic Partnership, and Chandler Smith with Roll Massif (currently Outside Events), to discuss how bicycle events bring money into communities.


07. Transportation History: Grand Valley Railroads

Matt Darling, Curator of Cross Orchards Historic Site joins host Sarah Brooks to talk about Transportation History in the Grand Valley. This show covers the history of the Rio Grande, Cross Orchards, Uintah Railway, and more. 


08. Transportation History: Grand Valley Transit

Kathy Hall, current Chair of the Colorado Transportation Commission and one of the original founders of Grand Valley Transit, joins show host Sarah Brooks to discuss Grand Valley Transit from its founding to future.


12. Transportation History: Interurban Train

In the early 1900s, there was a daily electric passenger train service that ran between Fruita and Grand Junction known as the Interurban. Show host Sarah Brooks invites Steve and Denise Hight, local historians, to talk about the history of this service. 

01. Public Transit

Show host Sarah Brooks is joined by colleague Andy Gingerich to talk about public transit/transportation in the Grand Valley. 


04. Trail Etiquette

Host Sarah Brooks is interviewed by KAFM staff on trail etiquette and proper care for public lands.


06. Palisade Plunge Trail Construction

Chris Pipkin, Outdoor Recreation Planner for the Bureau of Land Management and Laura Page, Construction Group Manager for Mesa County Public Works, join host Sarah Brooks to talk about the Palisade Plunge trail construction. 


07. Livable Communities

The City of Fruita is a designated AARP livable community. John Rodwick, an AARP volunteer, and Shannon Vasson, Management Analysist with the City of Fruita, join show host Sarah Brooks to cover what a livable community looks like. 


09. Grand Junction Bike and Pedestrian Projects

Show host Sarah Brooks invites City of Grand Junction staff Trent Prall, Public Works Director, and Kirsten Armbruster, Project Engineer, to discuss several pedestrian and bike projects including the Monument Connector, 24 Road, and wayfinding. 


10. Bike and Pedestrian Safety

The City of Grand Junction completed several transportation safety projects including buffered bike lanes, bulb-outs, and more. Show host Sarah Brooks is joined by City of Grand Junction Associate Planner, Lance Gloss, to discuss the importance of these types of projects.