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The Regional Transportation Plan sets the path for the next 20 years. 

Every five years the Regional Transportation Planning Office (RTPO) updates the region’s long-range Regional Transportation Plan. This important plan looks 20 years into the future to provide a strategic direction to improve the multimodal transportation network by linking a regional vision of projects to a long-term, financially realistic plan. During the planning process, the RTPO works closely with the community to develop a framework for a balanced multimodal transportation network that builds off the existing transportation system. This plan ultimately aims to address the mobility needs of Mesa County residents and those who may be traveling to, from, or through the region.  

2045 Regional Transportation Plan

What is the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan and why was the 2040 Plan updated?

  1. Ensures the vision, goals, and priorities reflect the desires of the community
  2. Mandated to be updated every 5 years in order to qualify for Federal funding
  3. Identifies prioritized multimodal projects for implementation
  4. Reflects the quickly changing transportation industry by profiling recent changes in technology and innovation

Grand Valley 2045 Regional Transportation Plan (2020)

Grand Valley 2045 Regional Transportation Plan, Amendment 1 (2022)