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About the team

Patrol is one of the most readily visible components of the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. The Patrol Division consists of four patrol teams, who share shifts round the clock and are first responders to a crisis.

Patrol is always in service, available every hour and every day of the year.

Patrol deputies respond to 911 calls for assistance. They are mobile in the community to observe as the community goes about its daily business.

Patrol deputies are responsible for varied duties, including observing crimes and responding to suspicious incidents, traffic violations, etc. 

Patrol deputies contact the public to investigate when necessary to enforce laws and ordinances. Patrol elements have been available since the inception of the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office in 1887.

In 2022 MCSO Patrol responded to nearly 41,000 calls for service

Patrol works across three assigned patrol districts in the Grand Junction Metro area.

  • East (Clifton/ Fruitvale)
  • South (Orchard Mesa)
  • West (Redlands/Northwest)

The Rural Area Deputies cover other areas of the county.

A female and male deputy stand with their backs to the camera in front of a house in Clifton.


Sherriff walking in uniform holding the hand of a young boy in a red sweatshirt.

Intelligence-based policing

Patrol teams implement an intelligence-based policing model that divides patrol areas into 36 zones of increased focus within the unincorporated areas of Mesa County. These areas were selected based on both historical and current data patterns.

Deputies assigned to these areas are expected to develop relationships with the public there to address and monitor crime trends. Results have shown great promise for crime reduction across the county. 

Patrol deputies may be seen working out of the substation at 126 2nd Street in Clifton. This is a place for the deputies to work, including writing reports, making phone calls, and holding meetings. The substation is not open to the public.  

Two Mesa County Sheriff's Deputies sit facing a computer reviewing information.