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General Requirements

All plats shall have the information necessary to delineate and reestablish all boundaries and rights created or referenced by the plat including, but not limited to, the location of all parcels, lots, streets, roadways, easements and common areas. The plat shall comply with all current Colorado Statutes appropriate to the platting process and shall be drawn in a legible, workmanlike manner. 

Aerial Photograph of a Subdivision of houses

Types of Plats to be Recorded/Deposited

Plats for Major Subdivisions, minor divisions, resubdivisions, and parcels greater than thirty-five acres created by plat, shall be recorded. Plats that are required as part of the administrative process for legal and physical separation or the adjustment of property lines shall be deposited and accompanied by new deeds that will also be recorded. All Surveys must meet the standards of CRS 38-51-106, (Land Survey Plats).

View the full requirements document which includes a Plat Review List, Clerk and Recorder’s Certificate, Board of County Commissioners Certificate, and Land Survey Deposit information.

Full Requirements Document

Plat Check List and Notes