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Property taxes apply to real property, manufactured homes, and personal business property.  If taxes go unpaid they are sold in a tax lien sale or collected in other methods.

Manufactured homes

Find answers to your questions about Manufactured Homes Tax.

What is a manufactured home authentication? 

An authentication is a form required by law to be submitted to Motor Vehicle for title changes. It also states that the taxes are paid or not paid.

When do you need to get an authentication? 

When you sell, buy, or want to move a manufactured home.

Who is responsible for obtaining a manufactured home authentication?

Person(s) involved with the sale or movement of the manufactured home.

What is the cost of the authentication?

The cost is $10.00 each.

Are there any other costs involved in getting a manufactured home authentication?

Yes, if you are the seller, you are responsible for paying the taxes current to date of sale (this includes past due taxes billed, and taxes in the current year).

If I'm moving the manufactured home, where do I get a moving permit?

The moving permit is issued with the authentication and is obtained at the Treasurer's Office. Bring mover’s information and the address you will be moving the home to with you.  The cost is included with the authentication unless you need additional move permits.  These are $1.00 each.

If taxes go unpaid how long do I have before the Manufactured Home property tax is advertised for tax sale?

Manufactured home taxes are advertised as delinquent in September, prior to the distraint warrant being served, and again in October if the taxes are still not paid. The advertising dates vary from year to year. Taxes need to be paid by September 1 to avoid advertising charges.

Do I have to pay more if my manufactured home tax is advertised?

Yes, there will be an additional advertising charge added to the taxes.

What happens if I still do not pay my taxes?

A distraint warrant will be served by the Sheriff in October.  This adds an additional fee for the service of the warrant.

What is a Distraint Warrant?

A distraint warrant is a document that is served on the manufactured home before the tax sale indicating the amount due and date to be paid by.

Do I have to pay more if my home is served with a Distraint Warrant?

Yes, there will be an additional $50 fee added to your manufactured home taxes.

When is the tax sale held?

The tax sale is held in conjunction with the real estate sale in October.

Do I lose my property if it goes through the tax sale?

Not immediately. If it is a Manufactured Home (M account) you do not own the land your manufactured home is on, the redemption period is one year from the date of sale. If you own the land the home is on, you have three years from the date of sale to pay the taxes. If the property is Real Property (R Account) you still have an additional three years before the tax sale buyer can apply for a deed to the property. However, the interest rate determined for that year will accrue to the date of payment. After three years from date of sale, if the tax sale buyer applies for deed to the property, the owner is notified and given a last chance to pay the taxes.

How long do I have before the personal property tax is advertised?

Personal property taxes are advertised in September. The advertising dates vary from year to year. It's best to pay before September 1 to avoid advertising charges.

What if I still do not pay my personal property taxes?

A distraint warrant could be served by the Sheriff. The county could confiscate your property and auction it to pay the taxes. Your account could be referred to a collection agency.  Court action could be sought.