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Property taxes apply to real property, manufactured homes, and personal business property.  If taxes go unpaid they are sold in a tax lien sale or collected in other methods.

What types of payments are accepted if I am an investor?

Deposits and payments must be made via ACH.   

ACH transfers are made electronically, on the real auction website, using the ACH deposit/payment wizard. ACH deposits should be made early so keypunch errors can be corrected prior to the due date.

When is my purchase of a tax lien complete?

The sale of a tax lien certificate is considered complete when funds have been received by the Treasurer and credited to the bidder. Until the sale is complete, no certificates will be awarded or issued.

Will you pull funds via ACH for my winnings from my account?

ACH transactions generated are “one-time” only authorizations for deposits. If you are a successful bidder and owe money to the Treasurer, you must initiate a separate transaction to make your final payment in the time allotted.

Will you remind me what I owe and when?

No.  It is the bidder’s responsibility to make all deposits and payments in the time specified using the payment method(s) permitted.

Is there a fee to participate?

There is no fee to participate, however, most counties require a good faith deposit equal to a percentage of the total dollar amount of liens they anticipate winning.

For example: If a bidder anticipates winning $100,000 in tax lien certificates and IF that county requires a 10% deposit, then he/she must deposit $10,000 with the Treasurer.

Mesa County requires a 10% deposit to participate in its Tax Lien Sale. Please visit the Bidding Rules page for deposit/payment methods permitted in Mesa County.

What if I win tax lien certificates and do not follow through?

If the successful bidder fails to pay for liens purchased, the Treasurer may recover the amount due by civil action and may revoke future bidding privileges for up to five (5) years per Colorado Revised Statute 39-11-116.

What happens to unused deposit funds?

Deposit money is used to pay for liens won.

Any deposit monies not credited toward winning bids will be returned to the bidder approximately two (2) weeks after the close of the auction.

Where can I find the laws?

Delinquent taxes, tax liens and the sale of tax certificates at public auction for unpaid taxes are administered by the County Treasurer and provided for in Title 39, Article 11 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

It is the bidder’s responsibility to know the law governing these sales prior to participating in a tax lien auction.