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We are now an authorized Pearson VUE testing center!

Skill assessment tests

  • Decide what career is right for you
  • Accurately identify your strengths and skills to make you more competitive in the current job market.
  • All of our skills assessment tests are offered at no charge to registered job seekers.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Professional Services at 970-257-2215.

Career/vocational assessments

COPS System

The COPS System Career Measurement package includes the COPS Interest Inventory, CAPS Ability Battery, and the COPES Work Values Survey. Assessment interpretation is organized around an easy-to-use group of occupational clusters which represent all possible jobs. Results correspond to major sources of occupational information, related activities, skills needed, college majors, school planning, and available training programs.

Job skills assessment test

SHL Aspiring Minds (Formerly Known as Prove It! )

This system allows for the measurement of over 900 modules, including typing, data entry, office skills, software skills, and more.

WorkKeys Personal Skills Assessment Test By ACT

High productivity and performance are essential to maintaining the edge in today’s competitive markets. Talent and Fit can assist job seekers in employment selection and professional development to stand out for potential employers.

WorkKeys Foundational Skills Assessment Test By ACT

WorkKeys assessments give you reliable, relevant information about your professional skill levels that can be easily translated to employers. 

Six Foundational Skills assessment tests are available

  • Applied Math
  • Graphic literacy
  • Workplace Documents
  • Applied Technology
  • Business Writing
  • Workplace Observation

National Career Readiness Certificate By ACT

Why earn the ACT (American College Testing) NCRC (National Career Readiness Certificate)?

The ACT NCRC documents a range of essential skills that are broadly relevant across industries and occupations, including the ability to:

  • Read and understand documents commonly found in the workplace
  • Find information presented in common workplace graphics
  • Set up and solve simple and complex work-related mathematical problems
  • Determine the relevance of written information to work-related tasks

Three WorkKeys tests provide the verification of skills: 

  • Applied Math
  • Workplace Documents
  • Graphic Literacy
  • These three tests, in combination, can qualify you for a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). 
  • The certificate level is determined by your lowest score and the certificate level determines what percentage of ACT’s Job Profiles you have the required job skills to perform.
Lowest Score Achieved Certificate Level % of Job Profiles you have skills for
3 Bronze 16%
4 Silver 67%
5 Gold 93%
6 Platinum 99%

WorkKeys Curriculum By ACT

The staff in Professional Services can set you up with a WorkKeys Curriculum account (also through ACT), so that you can study for any WorkKeys tests on any computer with Internet access.  You can test first and determine if there are certain areas in which you would like to improve your skills.  Then, you can then study just those areas where you feel you are weakest and come back in to retest just those.

For more information or to schedule your skills assessment test, please call (970) 257-2215.

Computer literacy assessments and skills building

Northstar Digital Literacy

This platform allows you to test your computer skills and build skills in key areas with the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge through earning certificates and badges. There is not cost and you work at your own pace. 

Northstar Online Learning (NSOL) provides original online content that learners can access independently. When learners complete an assessment, they are automatically directed to the NSOL content corresponding to what they still need to learn.

Create a learner account to get started.