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Learn about the project

The Workforce Innovation Project in Grand Junction is a course designed by local manufacturers and educators to create a library of skills training for the manufacturing sector. This Workforce Innovation Project program includes an online platform and evening and weekend lab hours to ensure flexibility for each student.

Manufacturing skills overview

  • A collaborative effort between Mesa County Workforce Center, The Business IncubatorGJmakerspace, and local manufacturers.
  • Provides manufacturing skills training geared toward real-world application
  • Combination of online learning, personal instruction and shop projects aimed at skills building.
  • Use of GJmakerspace equipment and facilities for hands-on training.
  • Access to lessons, equipment, and instructor at times more suited to the participant than conventional college or trade school.
  • Results based verification of skills acquired
  • Feedback to/from local manufacturers aimed at evolving the program.
  • Two-course tracts: One for new manufacturing job seekers, one for those already employed in manufacturing.

Completion certificate includes

  • Orientation - (1 hr online, 1 hr lab)
  • Math – (10 hr online)
  • Safety – (6 hr online)
  • General Manufacturing – (11 hr online)
  • Communication – (13 hr online)
  • Time Management – (9 hr online)

Additional available classes

  • Precision Instruments – (23 hr online, 12 hr lab)
  • CNC Introduction – (7 hr online, 5 hr lab)
  • CNC Programming – (7 hr online, 10 hr lab)
  • CNC Vertical Machining – (12 hr online, 12 hr lab)
  • CNC Horizontal Lathe – (18 hr online)
  • Teamwork – (6 hr online, 5 hr lab)
  • Group Dynamics – (11 hr online, 5 hr lab)
  • Quality – (11 hr online, 5 hr lab)

Contact us for more information and upcoming class dates