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Capital Investment Projects

These projects are scheduled for various time frames over the next few years. Details will be posted as they become available.

Current Project Status

Page Updated 06/19/2019

Project Name Current Status
E Road (31 Road to Agape Way) Under Design (75% Complete) Construction in 2020
31 Road & E Road Bridge Replacement Under Design (35% Complete)

22 & J.9 Bridge Replacement

Design Complete. Construction Fall 2019

24 & H.96 Bridge Replacement

Bridge rail to be installed but bridge open

I-70 Interchange at 29 Road

PEL Study Underway

6.8-39.1 Bridge Rehabilitation

Under Design (30% Complete)

18.5 -K.99A Bridge Replacement

Under Design (10% Complete)

34-F.9 Bridge Replacement

Under Design (90% Complete) Construction 2020

Colonial Drive Bypass Lane on Hwy 340

Design Complete, Construction Summer 2019

16 & Q.5 Bridge Replacement

Under Design (90% Complete)

22 Road, I to J Road Safety Improvements

Under Design (60% Complete)

58.6 Road Improvements (Kimball Creek Road)

Under Construction, Summer 2019 Completion

58.9 Road Improvement (Buzzard Creek Road

Under Design, Construction Summer 2019

North River Road Safety Improvements

 Design Complete, Construction Spring 2020

North River Road & Hwy 6 Intersection Improvements

Design Complete, Construction Summer 2019

Orchard Avenue Improvements

Design Complete, Under Construction

Lynwood Stormwater Improvements

Construction Complete

Bosley Wash Detention Pond

Construction Complete

64.6 Road Stability Project (Vega Road)

Construction Complete

32 Road & Springfield Road Intersection Improvements

Under Design (60% Complete), Consttruction 2019/2020

I-70B & F 1/2 Road Intersection/Signal Improvements

TIS and Design Plans Underway, Construction 2020

Palisade Plunge

Design Completer, Construction Summer of 2019