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Board responsibilities

  • Hearing and deciding appeals and requests for variances
  • Appeals to decisions by the Floodplain Administrator regarding interpretation of floodplain boundaries
  • Issuance or non-issuance of a floodplain development permit and conditions attached thereto
  • Review of any other provision of the floodplain regulation.

Governed by the Bylaws of the Mesa County Floodplain Board of Appeals

Floodplain Board of Appeals Bylaws (Revised 02-10-2022)

Agendas, Electronic Binders, Minutes

Board members

Robert Cox

Term Expires 12-31-2024

Ken Brotsky

Term Expires 12-31-2023

Richard (Dick) Bowman

Term Expires 12-31-2023

Lisa Froshaug

Term Expires 12-31-2024

Robert Jones

Term Expires 12-31-2023

Stuart Gardner – CDOT

Term Expires 12-31-2023

Get involved in your community!

The Board of County Commissioners is seeking volunteers to serve on the Floodplain Board of Appeals.

Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to find the right job for you.