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The Mesa County Community Corrections Board (MCCCB) is supported by Colorado Statutes that are in place to provide courts, the Department of Corrections and the State Board of Parole with more flexibility and a broad range of community based correctional programming.  The MCCCB works to help identify local criminal justice needs and provide appropriate resources.

The MCCCB has six regular meetings per year that are open to the public. The schedule below are the dates for 2023. This posting shall serve as notice of these meetings. 

2024 Meeting Dates and Agendas

2024 Meeting Dates: January 17th, March 27th, May 15th, July 17th, September 18th and November 20th. 

January 2024 MCCCB Agenda

March 2024 MCCCB Agenda

May 2024 MCCCCB Agenda

July 2024 MCCCB Agenda

The Adult Review Committee

A sub-committee of the MCCCB is The Adult Review Committee (ARC). The ARC is composed of the Director of the Mesa County Community Corrections and any other persons appointed by the MCCCB Chairperson. 

The ARC acts on behalf of the MCCCB on matters pertaining to the placement of adult offenders in the community.  The ARC shall review and approve or reject Diversion, Transition, ISP-I, Condition of Parole and Division of Youth Services clients who are placed or about to be placed in the community.

Referral information is provided to the MCCCB staff to prepare cases for review by the Adult Review Committee.  When a referral is received, Board staff prepare cases for review with the Adult Review Committee. Occasionally, more information may be requested regarding the referral.

Contact Information:

To contact Community Corrections Board Staff and/or attend a meeting, please call (970) 244-3340 or email