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Can I carry a gun on my person?


Colorado is an open-carry state. Visit the Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) page of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website for the Colorado Gun Laws.

Requirements to legally carry a concealed handgun

You must possess a concealed handgun permit issued by a Colorado Sheriff from the county where you reside or own a business; or from another state with concealed carry reciprocity with Colorado.

Visit the Concealed Handgun Permit Application page to begin the process.

Can a person fire a weapon on private property?

In most circumstances, no person can fire a weapon or pellet gun within the city limits of Grand Junction except with special permission from the Chief of Police.

Can a weapon be fired on private property?

A weapon can be fired on private property in unincorporated Mesa County in any zone not designated a "no-shooting zone" as long as the projectiles do not leave the private property.

Visit our Law Enforcement Boundaries map system and select the "No Shooting Zones" filter to view areas in Mesa County designated as No Shooting Zones via the Mesa County map per Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) Resolution 87-18.

Am I required to register my firearm(s)?


Learn more about the State of Colorado's requirements for gun ownership.

Visit the Firearms FAQs page on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website.

Can I transport a gun in my car?

You may transport a gun in your vehicle throughout the state of Colorado without restriction.