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What can I do about an abandoned vehicle?

Vehicles parked on the street that are not properly registered or appear inoperable may be considered abandoned.

Abandoned vehicles on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.

Contact the following agencies to report abandoned vehicles:

  • In Grand Junction, contact the Grand Junction Police Department at 970-242-6707.
  • In Fruita, contact the Fruita Police Department at 970-858-3008.
  • In Mesa County, contact the Mesa County Sheriff's Office at 970-242-6707.
  • In Palisade, contact the Palisade Police Department at 970-464-5601.
  • On State highways, contact the Colorado State Patrol's Montrose Communication Center at 970-249-4392.

What are the age and weight requirements for child safety seats?

There are no standard size requirements for car seat fit.

Even if your child looks big enough to move to the next size seat, be sure to follow all manufacturer recommendations on the car seat label.

Car seats, booster seats, and seat belts are developed to protect children based on their sizes, not their ages.

Learn more by visiting the Car Seats Colorado website from the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Not sure about how to install your car seat?

Visit the Car Seat Checks website brought to you by the Grand Junction Fire Department.

It teaches you how to install your car seat correctly and adjust the fit for your child.

Are there grace periods for expired driver's licenses and license plates?

Driver's license

There is no grace period for an expired driver's license.

License plates

There is a one-month grace period for expired license plates.

For example, if your plate sticker expires in January, then you have until the last day of February before it expires.

More information

Learn more on the Vehicle Services page on the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicle website.

My car was towed, how do I get it back?

If the Mesa County Sheriff's Office towed your car, contact the Law Operations administrative coordinator at 970-244-3200.

Who do I call regarding traffic issues, speed limits, wanting to install a stop sign?

To report a traffic issue within unincorporated Mesa County, use our Report a Crime system.

To inquire about installing a stop sign, contact Mesa County Traffic Department at 970-244-1675.

Where can I get a vehicle weighed?

Western Metals Recycling: 970-242-9500