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Program description

The Mesa County Jail Ministry is a non-profit organization separate from the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office that serves the inmate population in the Detention Facility.

Since 2014, we have shared a collaborative partnership with the Mesa County Jail Ministry. With the assistance of volunteers of various faiths, religious study programs and individual ministry are available to the inmates. Additionally, reading glasses, Bibles, and other donated reading materials are distributed and provide personal contact opportunities. 

Incarceration changes lives for the better or worse. In an effort to curb recidivism, those involved with the Jail Ministry want to provide hope and positive direction for the inmates during their confinement.

Mesa County Jail Ministry Logo

Jail ministry services

The following services to all inmates:

  • Bible Studies
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Bibles and other religious materials
  • Death notifications
  • Crisis management
  • A religious library, and non-religious books for inmate housing bookshelves.

The Jail Ministry also provides support services for all Sheriff's Office Deputies and staff.

Photograph of inmates participating in Jail Ministry program.  Male inmate sitting in a chair holding a bible in lap

Contact information

Visit the Mesa County Jail Ministry website to learn more about the program and find contact information.

The Mesa County Jail Ministry is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Want to volunteer?

For more information, visit our Volunteer Programs page.