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The Mesa County Workforce Center has two teams that focus on serving our youth population, our Youth Employment Services Team and our Career Development Team.

Youth Employment Services

The Mesa County Workforce Center provides services to our youth population aged 14-24. We can provide guidance in a number of ways. Our Youth Employment Services Team can help answer questions like

  • How do I get a job?
  • Where do I start?
  • How do I apply?
  • Do I need a resume? How do I make a resume?
  • What do I wear to apply to jobs or interviews?
  • What will the interview be like?
  • How old do I have to be to get a job?
  • Will employers hire me if I’ve never worked?
  • Are there tools that can help me decide on my future career?
  • What if I have no idea what I want to do?
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    If you are a youth that would like answers to questions like this, please visit our Youth Employment Services Specialist.

    In collaboration with the Governor’s Summer Job Hunt Program, our goal is to connect youths with employers to gain meaningful work experience. Visit the Governor's Summer Job Hunt on Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.  Please check out Colorado’s official state web portal for the Governor’s Summer Job Hunt.

    Youth work permits

    Work permits are not required by Colorado law.

    Colorado Youth Law Fact Sheet

    School release permits

    Any minor fourteen or fifteen years of age who wishes to work on school days during school hours shall first secure a school release permit. Such permit is issued only by the school district superintendent, his agent, or some other person designated by the board of education.

    Career exploration for youth and young adults

    Find Your Future is a website maintained by local organizations here to help you find and achieve your employment goals.  We have up-to-date information from all around Mesa County for employment and educational needs related to Middle School, High School, and Young Adults to assist in transitioning goals from education, career research, internships, to real-world employment.

    • What do you want to be when you grow up?  The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.
    • Find your future helps you explore careers and turn your dreams into a plan for success.  
    • Get an inside look at real-world workplaces.  
    • Discover education opportunities to bring your dreams to life.
    • Explore apprenticeships and other ways to earn as you learn.
    • And launch a job search that opens doors and puts you on the path towards your future.
    • Visit find your future Mesa County Career exploration website.

    Mesa County Youth Services in the news!

    State Labor Department Announces 2017 Kickoff of Governor's Summer Job Hunt

    How do I get started?

    • Call to set up an appointment with the Youth Employment Specialist, Kylen Wyatt, at 970-257-2206 or email
    • Before coming to the appointment, register as a job seeker on Connecting Colorado website.  
    • You will need your social security number to create a profile.
    • Registration is free and easy.
    • Please contact us with questions.

    There are no fees for these services!

    Career Development Team

    The Young Adult Career Development Program (CDP) provides a variety of programs, workshops, and one-on-one guidance to young adults, ages 16-24, who need help finding a job, planning a career, or reaching educational goals. Our friendly staff works with each of our clients to provide customized plans to meet their unique needs. For questions, please contact: 970-248-0871.

    Explore your goals

    Graduation Day

    Kickstart Internships

    KickStart is a program designed to match out of school, young adults, ages 18 – 24 with available paid jobs and internships here in Mesa County. Our staff works closely with local businesses to make sure that young adults are getting the jobs they want. Young adults will achieve employment success through one on one counseling, learning skills critical for successful job application, creating winning resumes, interviewing with ease, and developing overall professionalism in order to reach their goal of employment. Candidates will receive real work experience and build his or her resume with paid internships.

    How do I get started?

    1. Register with us at the Connecting Colorado website. 
    2. Fill out the Career Development Program Customer Summary form.
    3. You will be contacted by a Career Development Specialist.

    Paid Positions Include

    • Administrative / Office Support
    • IT / Computer Support
    • Human Services
    • Marketing
    • Retail / Food Services
    • Light Construction / Landscaping
    • Healthcare
    • And More

    In order to be eligible for the Kickstart Program, you will need to provide one item from each category below:

    • Colorado I.D. and signed Social Security Card
    • At Least 1 Barrier to employment (WIOA eligibility applies)
    • Must be Out of School and 18-24 years old.

    Kickstart FAQs

    • What is the age range?  18-24 years old
    • Will I get paid?  Yes!
    • What if I am in enrolled in school?  Unfortunately, you will need to wait until you are no longer attending school.
    • Can I apply online?  Yes, please complete the Career Development Program Customer Summary.
    • Can you help with a GED?  Yes, we can provide incentives and cover the cost of the testing fees.
    • When will I hear from someone after I turn in the application?  You should receive a phone call to discuss your situation in more detail within 48 hours.
    • Have any questions? Please contact us today!

    Job Corps

    • Are you ready to be successful?
    • Do you want to get paid while you are learning?
    • Do you want to work hard and become a leader not a follower?
    • Job Corps can show you how to be a successful hard working strong leader!
    • Did you know that a better education leads to a better job, a better job leads to a successful career, a successful career leads to higher income, and higher income leads to a better quality of life?
    • Job Corps can provide you with the education and tools to enhance your life all at no cost to you or your family. 
    • Job Corps is for 16 year-olds to 24 year-olds who are lower income and/or disabled.
    • Students have up to two years to complete their training and education.

    Contact Chris Connor-Wiltse the Job Corps Admissions Counselor at 970-773-0745

    Virtual Orientation for Job Corps every Monday at 3:30PM.

    Visit Job Corps website for more information.