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About the Civil Unit

The Civil Unit is responsible for the service of civil processes

Colorado state law requires that the Sheriff of each Colorado county serve the civil process of the Courts within their jurisdiction. The Sheriff must also accept and serve civil processes from all other Colorado counties, other states, and the federal government.

Civil processes include, but are not limited to:

  • Writ of Restitutions / Evictions
  • Protection Orders
  • Subpoenas
  • Summons
  • Citations
  • Small Claims
  • Garnishments
  • Sheriff Sales

The Civil Unit of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office receives just over 200 civil process papers/orders per month.

A glass window has the word CIVIL on it to denote the Civil Services desk at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Sales

Contact the Civil Unit: 

Call 970-244-3521


Contact the Public Trustee’s Office:

Call 970-254-4180

Visit the Public Trustee website


Process information

General information sheet

Complete and include any documents submitted to the Civil Unit.

Civil Process - General Information Sheet (Revised 2020)

Civil service fees

A fee is charged for the Sheriff’s Office to complete the civil process, per C.R.S. 30-1-104. Fees are due at the time of service. If you are due a refund, it will be received within 3-4 weeks from the Mesa County Treasurer’s Office.

In calculating civil service fees, different factors are considered:

Actual expenses: Actual expenses are the personnel and processing costs incurred in typing, processing, filing, and serving process papers. This does not include mileage. 

Mileage: Mileage shall be charged at the mileage rate authorized for County officials and employees pursuant to CRS 30-11-107(1)(t), for each mile actually and necessarily traveled in serving each writ, subpoena, or other process in an action other than a criminal action. 

Two or more civil processes served in the same action: In situations when two or more papers are served on the same person or different persons at the same time and place in the same action, the Sheriff shall charge the highest individual fee allowable pursuant to CRS 30-1-104 for the first process and an additional ten dollars ($10.00) for each subsequent process served. The Sheriff shall charge mileage for the first process and an additional ten dollars per mileage for each subsequent process served. (CRS 30-1-05.5, CRS 30-1-104)

To review the full list of Civil Service Fees, please view the PDF below. 

MCSO Civil Fees for Service (revised 2024)

Accepted Payment Types

  • Cash
  • Check or certified funds (make checks payable to Mesa County Sheriff’s Office)
  • Credit card with an additional fee

Frequently asked questions

How do I start the civil process?

All forms to initiate a civil process can be obtained from County Court Clerk’s Office: 


Mesa County Justice Center

125 North Spruce Street

Grand Junction, CO 81501

Call: 970-257-3640

What type of information is needed to serve civil papers?

Payment in full is required before processing and service attempts will be made. The following information is needed to serve civil papers:

  • Name of person or business to be served
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Physical description of the person
  • Employer information of the person to be served including address and phone number
  • Any other information that will assist us in getting the person/ business served
  • Name, mailing address and phone number of the person/business having papers served


Contact information


Monday - Friday

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (excluding holidays)

Phone numbers

Direct: 970-244-3521

Fax: 970-244-3511 (Attn: Civil)

Mailing address

Mesa County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Civil
PO Box 20,000-5016
Grand Junction, CO 81502


215 Rice Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501