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Definition of a court-ordered civil standby

A court-ordered civil standby is a procedure that allows a person accused of a Domestic Violence crime to return to their home to retrieve essential items, such as clothing, medicine, and work items.

If you have been charged with a crime that is labeled domestic violence:

  • A Judge may enter an order for you to vacate the home where you lived with the alleged victim.
  • A Judge may enter an order of no contact preventing you from contacting the person you are alleged to have somehow injured in the act of domestic violence.

As a result of the charges, you will need the assistance of local enforcement to aid you in retrieving some of your most critical possessions.

This request for assistance is called a “civil standby” or a “civil assist.”

Requirements for a court-ordered civil standby to be issued

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office will provide a court-ordered civil standby if:

  • The individual requesting the civil standby is the defendant of a criminal restraining order, in which the court has allowed for a one-time civil standby in writing.
  • A copy of the restraining order must be brought to the Sheriff’s Office for review prior to a civil standby being scheduled.
  • The individual requesting the civil standby is the defendant, who was served a civil kick-out restraining order.

The Sheriff’s Office will allow a one-time civil standby if it is in the jurisdiction of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. If the location of the civil standby is in another jurisdiction, you will be referred to the responsible agency.

Civil standby process

During a court-ordered civil standby, individuals are given 10-15 minutes to collect:

  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Medication
  • Any other item needed for day-to-day living
  • Any item which is specifically needed for work (specialized tools, etc.) that the plaintiff does not dispute
  • If an individual wants to remove furniture, it is advised to find a mutual friend of both parties to remove the items
  • If property or vehicles are disputed, those items stay at the residence
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