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Mesa County’s Organic Materials Composting Facility is the Western Slope’s trusted source for high-quality, nutrient-rich soil amendments and mulches.  The Solid Waste Management Division utilizes specialized heavy equipment to transform yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, and tree prunings into a US Composting Council-certified soil amendment for use in lawns, gardens, and in agriculture. Adding compost to your lawn and garden improves soil health and water retention, allowing roots and key microbes to thrive.

Contact information and hours of operation

Phone: (970) 263-9319

Hours of operation: Wednesday - Saturday from 8 am to 4:15 pm

Inclement weather closures

The safety of customers and employees is our number one priority. If the Compost Facility is deemed unsafe due to high winds or lightning, the facility will close. Conditions that generally cause an unsafe environment include:

  • Sustained wind speeds of 25 miles per hour
  • Gusts of 55 miles per hour
  • Lightning within 10 miles of the landfill

During inclement weather closures, the site is continuously monitored, and safety conditions are assessed every hour. The Compost Facility will re-open when safety concerns have subsided.

In the event of high wind or lightning, call (970) 263-9319 to check on the closure status of the facility and associated waste disposal programs.

Tarping policy

All loads coming to the Mesa County Composting Facility must be secured despite the contents of the load.

Unsecured yard debris contributes to roadway litter and causes safety issues. Unsecured loads will be charged double - no exceptions!

Incoming loads must be secured before coming to the Compost Facility. Loads cannot be tarped on or near the Mesa County Solid Waste Management campus.

Accepted materials

The following materials are accepted for drop off at the Organic Materials Composting Facility:

  • Yard waste, such as leaves, grass clippings, tree limbs less than 6' in length and 24" in diameter, and cut weeds or brush
  • Hay or straw
  • Stall bedding and manure
  • Cull fruit

Prohibited waste

The following materials are prohibited from drop off at the Organic Materials Composting Facility:

  • Painted, treated, stained, or glued or nailed wood, such as lumber, plywood, and pallets
  • High salt-containing brush, such as Salt Cedar or Tamarisk
  • Cardboard or other types of paper, such as compostable bags
  • Any material longer than 6' in length or greater than 24" in diameter
  • Burnt or charred wood
  • Roots or rootballs
  • Sod
  • Dirt or rocks

Material drop off fees

  • Less than 1 cubic yard - $5 per load
  • 1 to 5 cubic yards - $10 per load
  • More than 5 cubic yards - $15 per load

We accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards.

Purchasing compost

Listed prices do not include tax. Taxes will be applied at the time of purchase. There is a one-yard minimum purchase on all bulk products. Call us to inquire about price breaks when you purchase more than 10 cubic yards of compost or mulch.

Mesa Magic Compost

1/2" Compost Bulk - $28.50 per yard

1/2" Compost Bagged - $4.75 per 1.25 cubic foot bag

1/4" Compost Bulk - $33.25 per yard

1/4" Compost Bagged - $5.25 per 1.25 cubic foot bag

Ultrafine Compost Bulk - $38 per yard

Ultrafine Compost Bagged - $5.75 per 1.25 cubic foot bag

Wood Mulch

Small Wood Mulch Bulk - $14.25 per yard

Large Wood Mulch Bulk - $9.50 per yard

Organic Materials Composting Facility

Solid Waste Management Facility

3071 US-50
Grand Junction, CO 81503