Material Drop Off


Yard waste is accepted free of charge from Mesa County residents.

Commercial Drop-Off Fees
Less than 1 Cubic Yard -- $5 per load
1 - 5 Cubic Yards -- $10 per load
More than 5 Cubic Yards -- $15 per load


  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings
  • Tree limbs (<6' in length & <24" in diameter)
  • Hay and/or straw
  • Cull fruit
  • Stall bedding and manure
Other materials will be considered for use on a case-by-case basis. Residents and businesses are encouraged to discuss specific waste streams with Mesa County. Please also see the list of  non-acceptable materials  for drop-off. Select materials must be free of any and all contamination including plastic bags and garbage. Off specification, contaminated materials or mixed loads are directed to the landfill where normal tipping fees are assessed.

Materials NOT Accepted

  • Painted, treated, stained, or glued wood
  • High salt-containing brush, such as Salt Cedar and Tamarisk
  • Cardboard or other types of paper
  • Any material longer than 6' in length or greater than 24" in diameter
  • Lumber/ pallets
  • Pre and Post Consumer Food Waste
  • Burnt or charred wood
  • Roots or Rootballs
  • Grass sod
  • Ply-wood
  • Dirt or rocks