Landfill Policies

Covered Load Policy

Tarp It! Covered Load Policy

Tire Acceptance Policy

1 Notice: As of January 1, 2016, anyone bringing in more than 9 tires per load from any Mesa County address must complete a Waste Tire Manifest.  For more information please contact the Regulatory Compliance Manager at (970) 257-9336

1-9 Tires-

  • Off the Rim: $5.00 each (<22.5") or $10.00 each (>22.5")
  • On the Rim: $10.00 each (<22.5") or $20.00 each (>22.5") 
  • Cut Tires: $100.00 per ton (tires must be quartered)
  • or Whole Tires: $300.00 per Ton

10+ Tires- Must complete a Waste Tire Manifest for CDPHE  

All tires, too include cut tires, must be disposed of in the landfill's tire pile. No tires are allowed to be disposed of at the landfill face.

Refrigerant Containing Appliances

The Mesa County Landfill does not accept refrigerators/ freezers or air conditioning units.  Please contact one of the following vendors for disposal of these items:

Pacific Steel & Recycling 241-2551
Double D Services 241-8793 
All Temperature Services 257-7184
Haining Refrigeration 242-4429

Appliance Service & Parts 609-2729 

Wind Policy

The Mesa County Landfill is required by the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment (CDPHE) to cease operations and close the facility when excessive winds are detected either by on-site meteorological instruments and/or verified by the National Weather Service. Excessive or high winds are defined by the CDPHE as sustained winds or gusts of 40 miles per hour or greater, or gusts of 55 miles per hour or greater that are expected to persist for more than 1 hour.

The safety of landfill customers and our employees is very important to Mesa County Solid Waste Management. With this in mind, the working face of the landfill will be constantly monitored during periods of high winds. If the area is recognized to be unsafe because of the high winds the facility will close. Wind speeds in excess of 25 miles per hour generally cause this condition. If the landfill is closed for high winds, commercial waste haulers will be notified of the situation. The Hazardous Waste Collection Facility will also close during this period. Please call 263-9319 to verify if the Organic Materials Composting is also closed.

If wind is present please call 241-6846 to verify that the landfill and associated waste programs are open.