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No person shall display any dog or cat for the purpose of selling, giving away, trading, bartering or adopting the animal without a Public Pet Rehoming Permit.

A public pet rehoming permit is not required when:

  • An owner is selling, giving away, trading, bartering or adopting an animal from a private residence; or
  • An owner holds a current license issued by the Colorado Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act and is displaying the animals at that location; or
  • The owner is a governmental or tax-exempt, not for profit animal welfare organization and is involved in an organized adoption event.

The public pet rehoming permit can be obtained at Mesa County Animal Services. The permit process will require the following:

  • The owner/applicant will complete and submit a Public Pet Rehoming Permit Application no less than five business days prior to the date needed; and
  • The owner/applicant will provide written documentation from a licensed veterinarian that the animals have been examined within seven days, are at least eight weeks old and current on all applicable vaccinations; and
  • The owner/applicant will provide written authority and contact information from the owner of the property on which the animals will be displayed.

Permit process

In order to make the process convenient for the applicant we have provided three required forms in one packet below. There is no fee for the Public Pet Rehoming Permit. 

Form 1 of the packet: Public Pet Rehoming Pet Certificate form found below. This form must be completed and signed by a licensed veterinarian.

Form 2 of the packet: The Public Pet Rehoming Merchant Agency Authorization form below must be transferred onto official letterhead and signed by an authorized agent for the business or agency.

Form 3 of the packet:  Application

The signed forms can be submitted by email, by fax or in person. Please see  Contact Information.

All applications will be processed within five business days. Once approved, the applicant will be notified and can pick up or request that we mail the permit to the address on the application.                                                                               
The permit is good for 14 days and can be renewed one time for up to an additional 14 days. The permit must be displayed within six feet of the enclosure housing the animals and must be visible at all times.

Animal Services Pet Rehoming Packet