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As a service to the community Mesa County Animal Services offers after hour drop off kennels at different locations around the valley. These kennels remain locked and you will have to contact us at (970) 242-4646 to get instructions on how to use these keys.  

After business hours, you can contact our answering service and they will have an officer call you to discuss the following options:

  • You can keep the dog until the following morning when an officer will pick them up, or

  • If the dog is a stray you may be able to drop them off at one of our after hour kennels at various locations throughout the valley. Once our officer has obtained the information we need to help facilitate a reunion with its owner, you will be provided with a combination to our drop off kennel. You can leave them safely confined in the drop off kennel until our staff can pick them up, generally within a few hours.

  • If the dog is wearing a license, we can provide you with the name and contact information for the owner so you can return it home. If no license information is available the dog may be wearing a rabies tag and the veterinarian that provided that vaccination may be able to assist you in contacting the owner.