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What to bring with you to reclaim a pet

  • A Driver's license or ID with your current address. If your address is not current please provide paperwork with proof of the current address.
  • You will need to pay any applicable fees.
  • Proof of your pet’s current rabies vaccination.
  • Proof of ownership which may include veterinarian bills, microchip registration or Mesa County license.

Fees to reclaim a pet

Impound Fee: $35.00.

Boarding Fee: $8.00 per day unless the animal is being held for investigation of Dangerous Dog or Quarantine, then the fee is $12.00 per day.

Deposits: If your pet is required to have a rabies vaccination and/or be licensed and you cannot provide proof that the vaccination and/or license is current, you will be required to leave a $10.00 vaccination deposit and/or a $10.00 license deposit. The deposit will be returned to you if you provide proof of a current rabies vaccination or license within 10 days.