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Deferred Judgment is a type of court ordered supervision in which the client enters into a contract with the District Attorney’s Office to complete stipulations relating to the deferred offense. Stipulations are requirements or conditions listed as part of the contract with the DA’s Office. The client enters a plea of guilty in court and the sentence is deferred. Supervision of the conditions is provided by CJSD. Upon completion of the court ordered term, the client’s plea is withdrawn and the case is dismissed. The client may then petition the court to seal the record.

Clients on DJS must complete an intake within five days of signing their deferred contract. Clients can report to the Community Based Building at 636 South Avenue anytime during business hours and do not need to schedule an appointment. Clients will have a staff member assigned to their case but should be aware that any staff member can assist them. There is a one time intake fee of $40.

Program Conditions and Fees

  • Two (2) check-ins per month
  • One (1) case manager meeting per month
  • Monthly Supervision Fee of $50

Client contacts may be completed in person, by email, or by phone at the discretion of CJSD. Case manager meetings are preferred to do in person and should be scheduled in advance. 

Reduced fee waivers may be available.


Stipulations and Court Conditions

Court ordered stipulations may include but are not limited to:

  • Court fines and fees
  • Restitution
  • Substance and/or alcohol testing
  • Useful Public Service hours
  • Substance abuse evaluations and classes
  • Domestic violence evaluations and classes
  • Anger management classes
  • Parenting classes, and/or
  • Mental health evaluations and treatment

CJSD facilitates completion of these conditions through the use of in house programming or referrals to outside agencies. CJSD does not provide funding or waivers for external services.


Early Termination

Clients on Misdemeanor Deferred Judgment may be eligible for early termination of their supervision once all of their court ordered stipulations have been completed and the midpoint of their sentence has been reached. The District Attorney's Office and the Court must approve of early termination of supervision. 

Clients on Felony Deferred Judgment are not eligible for early termination, but may be eligible for a reduced level of supervision upon completion of their contract conditions and reaching the middle of their sentence. The District Attorney's Office must agree to a reduced level of supervision.