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Pretrial Diversion is an alternative program with the goal of diverting clients from entering into the traditional court system of plea, trial and sentencing. The client may enter this process through law enforcement referrals directly to Criminal Justice Services Department, or through referrals by the District Attorney’s Office.

The client will sign an agreement to complete certain stipulations related to the charges.  Upon successful completion of the term of the Diversion Contract the case may be dismissed or charges may never be filed. 

CJSD staff and administration strive to supervise Pretrial Diversion through the principles of Restorative Justice and Evidence Based Decision Making.

Length of Contract and Supervision

Clients will typically enter into a contract for a six (6) month length of time which can be extended if needed by the court. The majority of clients are able to complete their contracts within their six (6) month term. 

Program conditions are:

  • One case manager meeting per month, and
  • Monthly supervision fee of $45 until the contract stipulations are completed.

Fee waivers may be available upon request and approval.

Contract stipulations can include but are not limited to:

  • Court fines
  • Restitution
  • Useful Public Service hours
  • Classes and/or treatment related to the charge