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Mesa County Pretrial Services (PTS) goals are to maximize pretrial jail release, maximize client court appearance, and to maximize public safety.

PTS performs a pretrial assessment on any client booked in the Mesa County Detention Facility (MCDF) who has been arrested on new criminal charges. This assessment is provided to the court, District Attorney's Office, and Public Defender’s Office to be used as a tool to inform the court on bond decision making. Setting the appropriate bond assists with maximizing releases from custody, maximizing court appearance, and maximizing public safety.

PTS also provides supervision for approved clients, released from the MCDF, when ordered by the judge. Supervision is determined by the judge during the bond hearing, and is then based on the original pretrial assessment completed at the jail, and any other court order bond conditions.


Mesa County utilizes a Pretrial risk assessment called the Colorado Pretrial Assessment Tool-Revised (CPAT-R) to interview clients who have been placed in custody on new criminal offenses. This state validated tool is predictive of clients’ success rates in court appearance and public safety based on their scores in four risk categories. Mesa County Pretrial Services (PTS) interviews clients who have been placed in the detention facility, gathers criminal history data, and makes written reports to the Court and other criminal justice agencies. This information enables the court to make informed bond decisions regarding Pretrial release and supervision needs.


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CPAT-R Validation Study

Pretrial Supervision

Mesa County Pretrial Services (PTS)  supervises some clients in the community who have been released on bond to ensure compliance with court mandated conditions of bond and appearance in court as required. These clients must adhere to monitoring guidelines as directed by the Court or by Mesa County Pretrial Services (PTS) staff.

Clients may access all services offered by Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD) and may attend appropriate treatment programs

Criminal Justice Specialist at Community Based Services


Court and substance testing notifications

Clients will receive reminders of their court appearance by text message and by email if on supervision.

Those clients who have been ordered substance testing as a condition of their bond will also receive notification of their testing by text message and by email.