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The Mesa County Useful Public Service Program (UPS) assigns and monitors clients required to complete public service work. Useful Public Service (UPS) is supported through client paid fees. 

Mesa County UPS has over 100 approved sites which provide restorative work to clients of all abilities and means. The program seeks out appropriate work sites to place clients and provides information and support to these sites.

You are welcome to fill out the attached participation form and send it to our office to make your sign up process a little easier.

Useful Public Service Participation Agreement


Helpful information

  • CJSD works with over 100 sites in the Grand Valley that offer diverse and equitable work assignments that can cater to varying needs, ability, and restoration to the community, victims, and the client.
  • Some clients will be restricted from certain sites based on their crime.
  • Alternative worksite forms are available if clients have a site they would like to request. Alternative worksites must be approved by program staff prior to CJSD accepting any work hours

If you are ordered less than 24 hours of Useful Public Service you will be charged a one time fee of $60. Any UPS orders of 24 hours or greater will be charged a one time fee of $100. These fees include limited liability insurance costs and the costs to run the program, per Colorado Revised Statute.   

  • Only individuals sentenced in the 21st Judicial District are eligible to participate in the donation program.
  • Clients may make a monetary donation for up to half of their hours to a local Non Profit Organization.  CJSD has a donation program in which you can purchase non perishable goods and deliver them to CJSD.  CJSD will donate them to a local food bank. This program can be used in lieu of up to half your total hours.
  • DO NOT make a donation without talking to UPS staff first for the approved list of sites.

Extensions must be requested through the courts or through your Probation Officer.

If UPS hours are past due, please contact CJSD staff in regards to getting an extension filed. If the extension does not get filed or approved then CJSD will file a report to the courts notifying them the hours have not been completed.

If you were sentenced in Mesa County but are looking to complete your hours in a different jurisdiction, CJSD can help! You must complete your intake and pay the intake fee through CJSD first and then we will send out a referral to the agency responsible for tracking UPS in that jurisdiction.