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Victims of bad checks have the option to use a diversion process outlined below. The purpose of this diversion process is to help victims of bad checks receive payment for services rendered without having to go through the traditional court process.

The following steps must be followed in order to qualify for this program:

First, you must make personal contact with the check writer.

1.      If attempts to contact the check writer are unsuccessful, send a courtesy notice via mail including a return receipt which you can find an example of below.

2.     The check writer has 15 days to respond and remit payment.

If the check writer does not respond or no payment is received, please contact our office at to file a complaint using the crime report below. 

The crime report should be submitted along with: 

  • copies of the checks
  • the courtesy notice
  • returned receipt, and
  • any other relevant documents

Send the report and the documents listed above to CJSD by emailing them to or copies can be mailed to:

ATTN: CJSD P.O. Box 20,000 Grand Junction, CO 81502.

After you file the report, do not accept direct payments from the check writer. Should the check writer contact you to make payment, refer them to the Criminal Justice Services Department.

Please allow a minimum of 90 days to pursue restitution.

Please refer to the Bad Check Program Instructions sheet for more detailed instructions on the program.

Bad Check Program Instructions

Sample of Courtesy Notice

Bad Check Crime Report